The Social Media Revolution

Isn’t it quite remarkable that with the touch of a power button we have virtual access to the majority of the world? Simply logging into my Facebook account allows me to communicate with someone 6,000+ miles away. With the digital age, distance is subjective. Social media is a transformative platform used by 79% of the world. Daily, over 40,000,000+ people are logging onto one platform. In the grand scheme of things, this is great for all of us. We have the ability to reach thousands of people all with a click of a button.

31036592376_e3a7382576_oThis can open many doors. In particular, companies can use social media to drive targeted traffic to their business whether it be a physical location or an online business. This can be done in many different ways. When I am brainstorming how to attract potential customers, I try to look at what I see being viewed online on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Things such as videos, artistic pictures, and catchy word choices are most often used. My favorite platform to use is Youtube. This alone can drive thousands of viewers to your business. Because YouTube is so heavily integrated with Google, the amount of organic traffic potential you can have is absurd.

The best part about YouTube is the ability to integrate your videos to Facebook and vice versa. The ability to share videos across two different websites nearly kills two birds with one stone. Think about it this way: you create a short and captivating video and publish it to YouTube with proper tags, titles, and thumbnail. With this video you can share it to Facebook and then run targeted advertisements through that share of the video. With the video now being shared to your specific targeted audience you then can create a headline statement that entices your audience to view/buy/join etc.

In conclusion, the creation of social media opened up so many doors for businesses and people. We now can reach so many people while sitting at home. The only thing limiting us is the amount of creativity and thought put into what we want to post. This is where I come in. I have both the logical skills, as well as the creative drive that can captivate others. If you are looking for a digital marketer such as myself, use the contact me button above to send me a message.

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