Installing a hammock into my Campervan

In my free time I find myself browsing for random items on that will usually add to the clutter of my space. However this past week I stumbled upon a really nice hammock on the lightning deal. Originally $69.00, I picked this hammock kit up for a total of $20.00 with my free Amazon Prime shipping.

17571834_1142070199256065_397357342_oI’m a big guy, nearly 6 feet tall and I weigh close to 300 pounds. This hammock can support my weight just fine. In fact, even with 20+ pounds of blankets and boots, laptop etc, it still holds perfectly fine and does not even feel as if it will rip.

Link To The Hammock on Amazon

When purchasing this hammock, I had the options of a single or a doublewide. A single is smaller than a double, so I opted for the larger one just so I have more room incase I want to lounge in it sideways. The added size makes it a lot more comfortable and adds to the stability in my opinion.

This is a great addition to my campervan, which is a 1986 Chevy G20. With the portability and the ultralight style of this hammock, I would recommend it to anyone even just to have if out camping. I am eagerly waiting for the warmer weather to hit up in Connecticut before I string her outside to a tree. Because of the straps, I am able to hang one end from the van and another to a tree if I wanted to.

In total this takes me about 3 minutes to set up and take down. Most of this time is however trying to get out because I am a big dude. I would totally recommend this hammock to anyone who is looking for an ultra portable way to sleep, camp, or just relax in.

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