Making money online while traveling – can anyone do it?

That’s the dream right? To be able to effortlessly rake in the money from videos or a blog all while traveling? I wish! If only it was that easy. For some it might be.. Maybe 0.006% of the world. This will only work for those who have a following already online. The goal is to develop a passive income. Well, what is a passive income? A passive income is money being made with little to no effort. This phrase is bullshit. I will be honest with you, if you want to earn enough money to live life worry free while traveling, you will have to bust your ass off. In a travelers case, you must be desirable. I say this because people must want to watch you. When trying to earn a passive income online you are constantly competing with thousands of other people. It is like a race to the first page. In this case the first page would be on google or youtube.

To answer my initial question, yes anyone can do it IF THEY PUT IN THE HARD WORK AND EFFORT. This is the catch that so many people might not like to hear. You will need to develop a following, create good content, and stay active with it. This means writing a post each day, interacting with your growing audience, branding yourself, and letting your emotions flow through your content to your readers/viewers.

Most people give up when they notice after a week they only have 10-20 views and no interactions. This is okay, everyone starts like this unless you are instafamous. Don’t worry about the views at first, and focus more on pushing out content that is good quality, detailed, and worth reading. After a while you will see that you will grow. The fun part about this for those of you who enjoy the numbers, 99% of the services used will chart all of this for you. For example, wordpress allows me to see stats of all my viewers. Youtube charts and graphs nearly everything. So in conclusion, yes you can make money online. No, it is not easy. Don’t let flashy pictures and paid video content convince you to sign up for something that won’t pay out in the end. Truth be told, I paid $35 for this domain, for one year. I chose a free layout, and got to posting. It can be done!

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