The most practical way to take CONTROL of YOUR life

I’m not sure of what position you are in financially, relationship wise, or in general. But what I am sure of is that you can rise above it. Anyone can! Well, anyone who puts in the effort. In this little blog update, I will be outlining how YOU can make the most out of your situation and take control of YOUR own life.

Three things that you need to change your life:


With these three things listed above, you can make the most out of any situation you are thrown in, and transform your life. You need time because nothing can be done in an instant. If you think that with a snap of your fingers shit will change, you are completely wrong. You need to put in the effort. This basically means that you can’t half ass anything. If you want something so badly, you will bend over backwards to get it. You will work those 12 hour double shifts. You will make that phone call you have put off for the past two months. You need to get the fuck out of your comfort zone and put in some hard work. You need motivation. I don’t give a shit what is motivating you. Maybe it is the dream of traveling, the dream of owning your own car, or the fact that you have kids you need to put food on the table. What is YOUR driving force? There needs to be something. If there isn’t, find a reason. What gets your ass out of bed in the morning?

The number one reason why people fail

People fail because they give up and lose track. Plain and simple. This happens for many reasons. Maybe you lost sight of your goal, maybe you just got tired of doing the same thing over and over. It’s called the grind. The 9-5. The fucking Monday through Friday. You need to get your ass moving, and stop thinking woe is me. Most people hate their job, but that shouldn’t stop them from going into work. Don’t give up because shit isn’t going the way you want. Change won’t happen over night, but progress will. Each fucking day you get up and go to work, is another paycheck that can feed your kids, buy that vacation you want, or put gas in your tank.

The “tomorrow” statement and why it’s shit

I am going to start my diet tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be the day that I get up to go to the gym. I’ll wake up on time tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll apply for that job. BULLSHIT. You want to see some success? Start today. I don’t care what you do, as long as you get the ball rolling. Hype yourself up. Don’t make a promise before bed and get up tomorrow dreading that promise you made. Make a fucking goal, start it today, and stick to it. I myself have been guilty of the “tomorrow” statement. I think everyone is at some point. But the way to change that cycle is to start today. Make a list, develop a plan, get some practical shit written down and stick to it today, tomorrow, and the days that come after.



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