Why do I want to travel?

There is so much out there that I have not seen. So many people I have not listened to. So much knowledge that I need to grasp. It is one thing reading from a book, or even watching a Youtube video, yet it is entirely different when you can experience something first hand. I don’t want to travel. I need to travel. I need to see the sights only pictured in books or online. I want to get down with the locals of a small town out west. I want to visit historic libraries in the south. I want to learn how to survive on my own in an area that I am not familiar with.

blog1Something about traveling, to me, is very exhilarating. That feeling you get when you arrive somewhere completely new (to you). It’s almost like you’ve discovered something others haven’t. Think about it this way. Wherever I want to travel to, someone has already lived there. To them, that area is their norm. To me, it is new, exciting, and unseen.

My goal is to capture the images of the world as I go. Wherever I travel, whenever I travel. I will make it my personal goal to document exactly what I am seeing; good or bad. I am not going to fill your mind with some bullshit fake life. If something goes wrong, you will know about it. This is the beauty of the reality. If you can accept that shit is gonna hit the fan at some point, you are more in touch with yourself than 99% of the world.

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